Founding the Establishment:

As other national entities, our establishment rose while the building and constructional stage were carried out in our country. And had as the other entities the support and care by the State, that was in 1397 – 1976 in Riyadh City. And started its activity in the field of contractions as it has executed some private and housing projects in some quarters and obtained through that some experiences in addition to forming the technical cadre which became after that the basis for the technical sections of the establishment, and cope with the stages of the architectural progress witnessed in all sectors in K.S.A., and the establishment share in that progress was executing some governmental projects, resembled in erection of some school directed by the Ministry of Education in various designs, orientation was the major factor which led to concentrate the work in the eastern province, and that made Al-Hassa city to be the head quarter since 1400H – 1980 till now.