The establishment had various goals in the short and the long term, and based on that it has prepared programs and scheduled plans in order to achieve those goals.

The establishment started by executing some projects of medium volume which do not require great financing such as provision of equipment, preparations and laborers, and most of the said projects were concentrating on the governmental buildings such as schools, Red Crescent and the Public Security.
When the government of His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, adopted the principle of supporting and assisting the national establishments, and offering them maintenance and operation projects, Hussein Al-Ali Est. was in the front, and benefited from that wise resolution, and that was resembled in the project of operation and maintenance of the automatic slaughter house in Hassa, then the establishment continued in its competence in the operational and maintenance of the sewage and water utilities Kingdom wide, the values of projects executed by the establishment graded in accordance with the classification as per the financial technical, and administrational abilities. Till it became- by Allah’s help and then the support of His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in that field. In addition to variation of activities practiced by the Est. was a definite result for its comprehensively activities as the Est. was classified in about ten fields, and that is actually considered as the basic pillar for the rise of the establishment in these fields; which are related directly to the infrastructure projects for the governmental projects, those fields as an example be not limited to: (maintenance and operation of water and sewage utilities, construction of water sewage buildings, cleaning of cities, electromechanical works, medical entities, and governmental buildings. And further activities. In addition to entering new areas of work such as extension and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, treatment of dangerous wastes and the petroleum and medical wastes, qualified by Meteorology and Environment Corporation.

The long-term goals are resembled in entering the strategic fields; which are strongly related to the peoples’ needs, and that was due to the experiences acquired by the Est. during its course. Medical projects were the base for the said variation as the Est. has erected and equipped the maternity and children hospital of 250 beds as the generous Royal offering made to Makkah people. Food provision projects, agricultural production played a vital role as the Est. has established agricultural projects for production of animal hays at Haradh areas, in addition to dairy production in all sorts, and that accelerated the direction of the Est. since its founding and till now.

1st: Constructional Contractions:

The Establishment contributed in the educational development witnessed in K.S.A., as it has built - in various designs – many schools to the Ministry of Education, and also had a great role in the field of infra structure services, as it has erected the main water tanks in Al-Hassa at Jabal Abu Gunaimah, the constructional projects continued on the same way, till it was concluded by a huge practical projects; which is construction of sewage water purification units in Al-Hassa following the most advantageous scientific means.

Projects executed by the Establishment:

Construction of Tarout Secondary School in Dammam.
Construction of Jaligah Intermediate School in Al-Hassa.
Construction of Al-Jishah Intermediate School in Al-Hassa.
Construction of Al-Qarn Primary School in Al-Hassa.
Construction of Sewage Water Purification units, the first and the second phases in Al-Hassa.
Construction of Sewage Water Network in Al-Hassa Villages.
Construction of Sewage Water Assembly lines and its extensions in Holy Makkah.
Construction of water cycles and networks in Arafat, the first and the second phases.
Construction of water table deduction entity in the Eastern Parks in Jeddah.
Construction of Water Sewage Networks in the South and the East of Hofuf City.
Construction of the domestic water network in Dammam.
Construction of water networks of Dammam Housing Compound.
Construction of Water Network of Al-Khobar housing compound.
Construction of the Saudi Red Crescent Society branch in Al-Majmah.

Construction of the Saudi Red Crescent Society branch in Al-Zulfi.
Construction of the domestic sewage water extensions in Al-Hassa.
Construction of the domestic sewage water extensions in Al-Najah area in Al-Hassa.
Linking buildings of the military training center in Jeddah Police with the sewage general water network.
Construction of the domestic water and sewage extensions in Al-Hassa.
Project of maintenance of Al-Hassa streets.
Maintenance and repair of sewage network in the general housing compound in Al-Khobar.
The remaining works on the water and sewage in Rasifa No.1/a, 1/b.
Replacing the electromechanical equipment for floods sewage station in Buraidah.
Erection of water tank and flow station in Al-Hassa.
Execution of the sewage water plan at station B, 1100 mm and 195 m length.
Completion of the sewage water networks in Mubaraz area (Azmiyah – Al-Sadoon).
Completion of Zulfi Police Building and erection of a mosque.
Maintenance and replacement of sewage lines in the village compound in Jafar.
Repairing the old sewage lines at Al-Hofuf and Mubaraz.

2nd: Operation and maintenance Projects:

The main activity of the Est. in this field: by which the technical and administrational national cadre was developed in the strategic way because it is linked directly with the requirements of the public development represented in the fresh and sewage water services, and in the midst of those huge projects; by which the Est. is proud by operating the held maintenance for them is the project of operation

and maintenance for the sewage networks – elevation and flow station in Al-Hassa – as well as the villages of Al-Hassa, and a long with purification stations related to it, in addition to operation and maintenance of water and sewage network in Dammam and Khobar, then those projects were concluded by the projects at the eastern area in Holy Makkah, Jeddah and Taif.

Projects Executed by the Est.

Maintenance and replacement of sewage network lines in Jafar Villages.
Maintenance of sewage network in Al-Hassa.
Maintenance of Al-Hassa Villages, Contract No. (H M 7).
Administration of the automatic slaughterhouse.
Maintenance and operation of old sewage networks in Al-Hassa.
Maintenance and operation of the modern slaughterhouse in Al-Hassa.
Maintenance and draining of rain water network in Al-Hassa.
Maintenance and operation of Holy Makkah sewage network.
Maintenance and operation of water network in Holy Makkah.
Maintenance and operation of sewage water network in Al-Hassa Villages.
Maintenance and repair of sewage network in Al-Hassa.
Maintenance and repair of sewage network in Al-Hassa Villages.
Maintenance and repair of sewage network in the purification units in Jeddah.
Maintenance and repair sewage and water network in Dammam.
Maintenance and repair sewage and water network in Khobar.
Maintenance and repair of sewage network in the purification station and floods draining units in Taif.
Maintenance and repair of water of Weasa field at Hardh Road in Al-Hassa.
Maintenance of utilities of King Faisal University in Al-Hassa.
Collection of wastes and eradication of them at Hofuf and Mubaraz Cities.

3rd: Investment Projects of the Establishment:

Our Est. headed towards special investments that are resembled in two main sectors, the first is related to agriculture and agricultural production as that activity played an important role in investing some extra production of the est., since the basic activity was concentrated on foundation of great farms for production of animal hays and other crops as per a strategy plan for crop cycle which achieves economical rates and deemed as extension for benefiting from that project and to achieve comprehensive activities, we come to the idea of dairy production then manufacturing it and getting its derivatives as per a marketing plan performed by a specialized consultancy office, the second activity was the medical entities and operating them as the Est. has established the biggest specialized hospital for maternity and children of 250 beds with the latest technology in equipment and medical apparatuses, then a general hospital of 50 beds capacity including all medical specialization in order to serve the people of the area.

Agricultural Projects and Production:

Agricultural production projects have been given great care and attention bi His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and that vital sector started to play its role and becomes at the top in the food provision policy that meet the citizens and residents needs and covered all cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

One of the prominent projects that given a special care and attention of the State are Dairy Production Projects, in a manner that comply with the local demand and reduce the exported items of dairy products.  In addition to the increasing of prices of milk dried powder as a result of reducing the subsidy applied by the State to that product; which resulted in the increase of demand of fresh milk.

Al-Reef Farm:

1st Phase: 

The Farm is located on the International Road that links Hofuf with Qatar and U.A.E. as it is 17.5 km distance away from Hofuf City, and Al-Reef Farm for dairy production was founded in accordance with the license given by His Honor Minister of Agriculture and Water, Resolution No.(3380) in 09/04/1412 H. the total area of the Farm is 700 donam, and the entities erected on it had been designed in a modern way, and contains 12 barns were designed in a modern way with the latest technology in the field of dairy farms and equipped with cooling apparatuses inside the barns, a veterinary modern clinic were attach to the farm; which is also equipped contains special locations for medication and new born as well as special paths for artificial fertility for cows, in addition to a vet pharmacy equipped with modern tools and apparatuses in order to heal the cows of various ages, as well as erection of automatic milking apparatuses with a capacity of 40 cows in the round, and the quantities of milk taken from each cow is automatically recorded in the computer attached to the milking apparatus.

2nd Phase:

It is worth motioning that drawings and plans for the second phase of expansion were prepared, to add new 16 barns of 2000 head capacity, in addition to the special barns of little pull, as well as erection of comprehensive vet. Clinic attached to it, that expansion shall have its own milking lab.; which is designed to contain the modern technologies developed during the recent era.  In addition to using the best equipment and apparatuses in the dairy farms including high efficient cooling apparatuses.

Milk Factory:

Milk factory is constructed on the farm in a sufficient area near the cows’ location, with an initial capacity of 13,000 buckets per shift (8 hours) as an initial phase and it was designed to produce pasteurized milk and its derivates.

Whole pasteurized milk with low fat, packed in plastic containers of 2 liter, 1 liter, ½ liter and ¼ liter.
Whole yoghurt with low fat, packed in plastic containers of 2 liter, 1 liter, ½ liter and ¼ liter.
Whole yoghurt (zabadi) with low fat, packed in plastic containers of 2 liter, 1 liter, ½ liter and ¼ liter.

Knowing that the designs of expansion phase of the factory with a production capacity of 45 to of milk and its derivatives is completed.  In addition to the long duration milk shall be executed soon.

Agricultural Activity:

Concerning the agricultural activities, 35 green houses are attached to the farm, which is huge in size and covered with fiberglass, cooled in a modern way, in addition to the nursery which provides the farm with various types of trees, as 1700 fruitful tree were planed such lemon, 

palm and pomegranate and other types.  In addition to plenty of shadow trees and green belt trees which were concentrated on the Northern side and inside the farm, knowing that all trees are watered with the water drops systems, in addition to two huge central sprinkling apparatuses, planted with Hassawi clover to be used for feeding cows.

In addition to existence of 19 projects at Haradh area with a total area of 38000 donem, which are attached to the farm, specialized in producing hard clover such as (Rodus, clover), and those farms have 9 central sprinklers that provide the farm with the sufficient need of hard clover, and the rest of the quantities are sold inside and outside K.S.A.
Medical Entities:

Maternity and Children Hospital in Al-Hassa:

This Hospital was constructed in Mahasin area in a very distinguished location in the middle between Hofuf and Mubaraz, in an area that have main an highways, the total area of the hospital is 20,000 sq. m. in addition to vehicles parking area; with a 1000 vehicles capacity.

This Hospital was founded in order to fulfill the need of the local society of health services and erected in an investment manner to benefit the Est. as well as contributing in the country economic.

Hospitals Departments:

As the Hospital is specialized one, to host and treat mothers and children illnesses, as well as performing delivery operations, it was designed in a modern medical planning, starting with the outpatient clinic, emergency room, clinical section, operation and reanimation.

The Hospital is divided in the following departments:

The Hospital is divided in the following departments:
    - Obstetrics -    Delivery
    - Ordinary Children -    Incubated Children
    - Intensive Care Unit -    Operation Ward
    - Emergency Section -    Outpatient Clinic
    - Radiology Department -    Laboratories
    - Blood Bank

All the above mentioned medical treatment departments are equipped with the-state-of-the-art apparatuses, medical equipment and furniture.

Treatment Sections and assisting medical services:

The Hospital is consisting of the under ground floor, in addition to an attached buildings and housing, the total beds in the hospital at the treatment section are 250 beds.  

In addition to the housing compounds:
  • Villa of 24 Rooms
  • Housing Compound of 54 Rooms.
It is worth mentioning that the hospital was designed with flexibility and availability to be altered in order to be a public, as all basic services are available in a manner that allow making any amendments in order to change the hospital into any other specialization.

Al-Zahraa General Hospital:

This hospital is located in Hofuf City at Al-Faisaliyah quarter, in an area of 1700 sq.m. and contains 50 beds, and including all medical specializations, and which provides health services for all people of the area and the neighboring areas as well, the hospital includes the following specializations:

(General Medicine, General Surgery, Dialysis, Ear Nose and Throat, Obstetrics, internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology clinic, ophthalmology clinic, dentist clinic, scooping clinic, chest diseases, cardiac diseases, psychiatric and nerve clinic, ultra sound waves) in addition to the assisting services at the hospital that includes (emergency section, physical therapy, radiology section, labs, pharmacy).

Distribution of Section at the Hospital:

This hospital was designed in a high-quality, as it was put in consideration that the hospital’s services should be linked together, in order to provide the basic treatment services and the assisting related services, the hospital consist of six floors and the services are concentrated starting from the first floor to the fifth one.

The First Floor Consists of:
  • Emergency Department
  • Radiology Department
  • Outpatient Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy

The Second Floor Consists of:
  • Outpatient Clinic
  • Blood Bank and Laboratories
  • Sterilization Section
  • Scopy and Anesthesia Section
  • Dialysis

The Third Floor:
  • Patients Super Rooms
  • Men’s Ward
  • Operation Rooms
  • Anesthesia Section
  • Intensive Care Unit (Men/Women)

The Forth Floor:
  • Patients Super Rooms
  • Patients’ Ward (Women)
  • Delivery Ward
  • Children’s Incubator
  • Intensive Care Unit (Children)
  • Delivery Section
  • Accouchement Section

The Fifth Floor:
  • Patients’ Super Ward
  • Functions and assisting services:
  • Operation Rooms:

The hospital contains two operation rooms, equipped with the most modern means of air sterilization and equipped with the appropriate apparatuses in order to perform all types of operations, from the smallest routine operations to the complicated ones using the latest technology, in addition to the scopy surgery.


The laboratory services are comprehensive for all inpatients and outpatients and for all cases, especially the dangerous ones which requires immediate blood transfusion, as the blood bank provides all types of blood groups and different types of blood contents, using the most modern apparatuses; which facilitate accurate and fast diagnosis for the important cases such as tumors and bone marrow disorders.

Radiology Department:

Works 24 hours a day, and provides radioactive diagnoses including ultra sonic for all patients and there is a comprehensive radiology units, and portable ones to serve operation rooms as well as patients’ rooms in addition to radioactive therapy.

Patients’ Rooms:

The capacity of the hospital is 50 beds, with a luxurious hotel services that cope with the treatment level offered to the patients in accordance with the latest treatment international methods, to ensure the best treatment services.

Direct Telephone Lines:

Patients are enjoying unique communication services, as there are more than 100 internal lines and 10 external ones, and the patient can dial and receive his call from his own room without any interference by the operator.

Food Services:

The best care is given to food services to ensure provision of various types of dishes prepared by the most efficient cooks in the kitchen of the hospital that equipped with modern apparatuses; menus are prepared for each patient daily and separately in accordance with the illness of the patient.

The Establishment, with the help of Allah, is heading towards more practical contribution in favor of our society, as per the continuous growth and development in our country.